7 / 27 Taiwan Original New Waves

NumberCompetitorPerformance time
1.Sorry Youth1600-1645
3.Mary See the Future1740-1825
5.Astro Bunny1920-2000
6.Xiaoyu Sung2010-2040
8.Kumachan x Julia x rgry2100-2140
9.Soft Lipa2140-2200
Sorry Youth

"Sorry Youth is a Taiwan indie band formed by Weni (vocals, guitar), Giang Giang (vocals, bass) and Chung-Han (vocals, drums). They create the band sound with the style of instrumental-rock, noise-pop and E-mo, while blending Taiwanese local language into the melody and rhythm for presenting unique Taiwanese cultures.

Sorry Youth are one of the best rock bands in Taiwan. After 5 years waiting, on their second album “兄弟沒夢不應該” they add brass instruments and Beiguan music. Singing in Taiwanese, Sorry Youth represent the true spirit of Taiwan’s style."


The P!SCO was founded in 2010 and has released three singles "SELFISH", "DANCE", "ReStart", two albums "StartUp Board", "BEING P! SCO" and a LIVE DVD "P!SCO -5-ReStart, and took several music videos including "I Wish You Love," "How Cried, How," and "BEING P!SCO."

Mary See the Future

Josh (Josh Ba) Vocalist / Guitarist / Producer
Roger (Roger Hsu) Guitarist
Fish (Fish Liu) / Bassist
Eric (Eric Fang) / Drummer
Mary See the Future was formed in early 2007 and released its first single, What Should I Goes to Be, in May of the same year. The second single "Cheer" was released in April 2010 and was invited to an exclusive interview with British BBC Radio.
StreetVoice website witnessed the "2010 Top Ten New Group" selection, "Vaccines" "Placebo" "Beyond Huang Guanzhong" Taipei Concert Opening band, was invited to participate in the "Liverpool Music Festival" "Simple Life Festival" "Okinawa International Asian Music Festival "Hong Kong CallMusic festivals such as "Megaport Festival" and "Wake Up festival" are performed.


Hometown is always more important than love, and music is more important than food.
Like to use joking free words to talk about something like nothing.

There is nothing wrong with life.
At least I'm still alive and I have music.

Astro Bunny

The double electronic combination composed of a cherry singer and 查查 guitarist Nu, was full of bizarre sounds. In 2015 and 2016, she was ranked in the StreetVoice annual popularity championship for two consecutive years. Merged into the 28th and 29th Golden Melody Awards for best singing performance. Clean and pure electronic rhythms and lyrics that are close to people's hearts become their unique style.

Xiaoyu Sung

Super-generational music influxThe contemporary music scene is rare for non-Chanban all-round musicians. During the student's time, he started as a drummer and entered the music circle. In addition to his singer status, he also engaged in production, composing, lyricizing, and harmony writing.

Xiaoyu cares about the "tension of life" in the nature of music. There is no limit to the genre and changes. It is best to be able to change the rhythm and make the listener listen to others, make music that others have not done, and make his own Want to sing songs. He never intended to stand in the forefront of new ideas, but he was eager to create new musical styles that belonged to him, balancing the catchy melody with unlimited multi-cultural ideas.


Composed of Leo King and Chun Yan, it is the first official launch of the group's group composition. Inspired by the essence of the moon and the moon, the homestead spirit is equipped with a curious soul. After the 1990s, Leo King and war criminal Chun Yan have created a new double-team “night cat group” that subverts the traditional hip-hop image.

Kumachan x Julia x rgry

PPoeTeK Kumachan @KUNG-FU RAP
Graduated from Kumachan of National Taiwan University of Telecommunications, he escaped the stereotype of hip-hop and unscrupulously scribbled in darkness to create inspirational thoughts. He hoped to use inspiring songs to package his influential ideas and use his creative ideas to help the world and help people in the world of life with their albums.

Julia Wu is a Chinese-American female singer who moved to Australia with her parents from the age of eight. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by the depth of the piano. She often plays and sings in front of the piano for a few hours; Purely love, this bomb has been played for more than ten years.

rgry Introduction
[龍虎門] 買榜 - 熊仔×Julia Wu 吳卓源×RGRY
【顏社】夜貓組(Leo王+春艷) - 驢子
[Majestic Casual] high2 - rgry
【 SampleThis 取樣這個 】 Ep.5 RGRY feat. Queen James & No Swing Jones (Music Version)| Wassup Volkswagen

Soft Lipa

In 2009, the albums "Convergence" and "Winter Sweet" were released. The jazz mash-up raps opened a new page for Chinese language rap and made Winter Sweet the winner of the 21st Golden Melody Award for Best Newcomer. In the following years, albums such as "Moonlight", "Take a Bicycle" and "Do Not Know About the Interior Renovation of Du Zhenxi" were repeatedly surpassed by their own and become a classic work that appealed to others.