7 / 29 Sing my song! Rock the world!

NumberCompetitorPerformance time
1.Angry Youth1600-1630
2.The City and Us1635-1725
4.ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D1825-1915
5.The Chairman1920-2020
6.Slot Machine2030-2120
Angry Youth

2017 HO-HAI-YAN GONGLIAO ROCK FESTIVAL [Ocean Star], [Judge Award] winner.
It consists of a group of neurologists who are studying music and a man who has impeded weathering.
Good at using realistic squeaky sounds with incomprehensible sense of humor.

The City and Us

The City and Us is a renamed ,rebranded version of the previous successful Irish band HOGAN . Hogan had a catalogue of hits with 5 top 10 singles , 2 top 5 EP’s and a number 1 album all on the Irish charts. Headlined numerous festival and concerts all over the world including Electric picnic and The strawberry festival in China . One of China’s largest festival The rebranding was done for a fresh look and approach and to introduce a new member . The very successful actress Elva trill as a co-front person . The exciting new look and new brand of the band is turning a lot of heads in the music industry. Playing some of the biggest festivals and selling out venues all over Ireland and already headlining some huge festivals and concerts in Germany and also getting massive praise from huge chart toppers The Chainsmokers for their unique version of their song Paris and not to mention a top 10 single on their original track Home. With a back catalogue of hits from the previous version of the band Hogan and huge list of new future hits this band is the one to watch with there infectious and energetic stage show


aMEI excavation and production, the first independent band Unique, Paiwan pull nails vocal BOXING, singing is not just a dream, but a real life; performance is not just music, but from the heart of joy, rock blood, unrestrained original, return to music pure resonance, first Paiwan pull nails rap genre band.Their live performances full of enthusiasm, joy, and power, they can feel the strong impact and charm of wild noise.


It made a sensation in Taiwan for the first time in 2016 and participated in the performance of San Japan, the largest 10,000 people comics show in Texas! He was also invited to present the 2016 debut of Japan’s "China-Japan Dragon" team player Hideta Hiratsuka. In 2017, the first overseas middle and large-scale special event was held in Brazil in Brazil. More than 2,000 people participated in the feat!

This year 2018 Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festiva is sure to fight! Certainly bring you a memorable scene.

The Chairman

The Chairman, the Taiwan Rock Band, passed the name of the group on July 4, 1997. The founding chairman of the group is still one of the most representative rock groups in Taiwan.
Twenty-one years into the establishment, The Chairman's rock spirit has remained unchanged. The men's orchestra is not only represented in external acts. The Chairman is the purest and most spiritual Taiwanese orchestra that can best represent rock music. In the divisional and integrated Taiwan band, The Chairman shows that centripetal force is a desirable aspect of the young orchestra.

Slot Machine

Thailand’s leading Rock Band Slot Machine, with 6 albums already to their credit, have created a buzz worldwide with the release of their first all English album ‘Spin The World’, produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Steve Lillywhite.
Slot Machine released their self-titled debut album in 2004 featuring hit single ‘Ro’ (I’m Waiting For You). Followed by ‘Mutation’ in 2006, produced by Scott Moffatt, former member of Canadian band The Moffatts. Scott added a new element to their music, and the album produced two megahits: ‘Phan’ (Yesterday) and ‘Kham Sutthai’ (Song for U).
Shortly after the release of their second album, Slot Machine were chosen as opening act for Linkin Park’s Bangkok concert in front of 30,000 fans.
Slot Machine embarked on their first UK tour in October 2015. They performed in Bristol, Brighton and London, where they were embraced by both Thai & English audiences.
In 2016 the band were invited to perform at The Dawn Concert, Taipei’s New Years event organized by Taipei City Government, as well all the major Asian 2016 Rock Music Festivals,( Japan’s Fuji Rocks, Taiwan’s Super Slippa, Korea’s Jisan Valley & Hong Kong’s Clockenflap) to rave reviews.
An exciting live act, Slot Machine have in 2017, already rocked audiences in North America with Live Nation's 'Asia On Tour' trek . 'Asia On Tour' featured Miyavi from Japan, Slot Machine from Thailand and Kiha & The Faces from Korea - 3 renowned artists who represent a new wave of Asian music.
In 2018, Slot Machine is now preparing songs for the next album. The band will also perform internationally throughout Asia in 2018, including MTV’s Hyper concert in Singapore and Taiwan’s Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival.


Everyone has a proud lion in their hearts
Brave, fearless, fighting for love

Xiao Jingteng x Li Q Qou Qiang x A Mo
Like a lion running in the savannah
The goal is clear

The roar of the King of Beasts