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NEWS 2023-09-07
2023 Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival Is Coming! Keep Rock N Roll !

   More than 30 singers and bands are gonna rock 2023 Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival! For three days from September 15th (Friday) to September 17th (Sunday) at Gongliao Fulong Beach, several nominees and award-winning bands from the 34th Golden Melody Awards will be on stage to bring you endless fun and joy! The Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government invites you to party at the Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival, stroll in markets, take beautiful shots, and sway with the music!  

2023 Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival Is Coming! Keep Rock N Roll !

    The Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival is New Taipei City’s the most iconic music event. This year, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, previous Hohaiyan Music Awards winners will once again take the stage, taking you on a trip down memory lane to relive classic performances throughout the past two decases. Relish the event with internationally renowned bands, including Golden Melody Award winners for Best Vocal Group, Crispy, South Korean band DICKPUNKS, Chen Jiannian (Paudull), Quarterback, Chihsiou, The Chairman, Enno Cheng ft. The Crane, OverTone, O.S.D, KASIRAW, 88 balaz and Random, ZenKwun, Funky Brothers, Fool and Idiot, Thai band getsunova, Your Woman Sleep with Others, Kasiwa and Matzka, and some other excellent musicians!

   Fabulously curated fluorescent-painted stage will welcome performances by indie bands, including Rolexbang, Earl Band, Islanders, The Loophole, TheMan, SoulFa, Kumara the Cat, Traveller, Infinity Youth Men, FiftyBodyFifty, Inhuman, SunsetSamurai, Hot Hot Neighbros, Monomania, Sandwich Fail, Ahh G, Jindowin, Night Keepers, and 17 popular creative LIVERs. Enjoy interaction with them and witness firsthand their diverse talents in various languages, musical styles, and genres.

   Apart from music performances, Funtasy Taiwan joins us to create a special "Seafood Market" featuring local ingredients from Gongliao. Seafood cuisine will pamper your taste bud just as the music will pamper your ears! A plethora of food stalls, including beloved night market vendors, Japanese and Korean-themed dishes, traditional delicacies, and refreshing summer ice treats will bring you an unparalleled culinary experience, a sensory feast for your ears and month!

   To make the Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival easily accessible, free shuttle buses will run from 13:30 to 23:30 from September 15th (Friday) to September 17th (Sunday). Bus routes include Aodi Baseball Field to Fulong Beach and Gongliao Junior High School to Fulong Beach. During the event, Taiwan Railways will offer more freqeunt express train services between Taipei and Fulong. Flexible traffic controls are to be implemented at certain intersections, including the intersection of Provincial Highway No.2 and Provincial Highway No.2C, between Provincial Highway No.2 and Fulong Street, Blue Avenue intersection, and Provincial Highway No.2 and Ling Jiou Mountain entrance. The Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government advise the event-goers to take public transportation. For more information about the event, please visit the 2023 Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival official website, New Taipei City Travel official website, or the New Taipei Tourism Facebook fanpage.

2023 Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival Is Coming! Keep Rock N Roll !