Old Caoling Loop Bikeway, selected as the finalist of Spain’s “2015 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards,” has driven the trend of biking in Fulong. While biking in the tunnel, you can hear the clanging sound of train passing through the tunnel. Biking along the coast can give you the beautiful view of the ocean. Longmen Yanliao Bikeway, a total length of 4 kilometers from Yanliao to Fulong Beach, has many characteristic dune plants in the northeastern cape and sparking Shuang River. The great scenery is the natural feast to clean our minds.

Fulong Beach

The Shuang River flows into the ocean at Fulong Beach and forms a dual scenery with inland river and outer ocean, which is a well-known attraction in Gongliao. An arch bridge connects the inland and the outer. The inner river has wide with stable water. The outer beach is 60-meter width and 3000-meter length and a good place for sailing, water playing surfing, kayaking, sailboat and other water sports. The beach is also the place where the most important music festival in Taiwan, Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival, takes place.

Longdong Ocean Park (Bitou-Longdong Bay Geological Park)

The coastal line covering Bitou-Longdong Bay Geological Park Service Area is about1 kilometer. The clear bay includes about 25 families and 80 species of fish. In addition, the park has a water play area, coffee house with an ocean view, geological classroom, and an ecological class by the ocean. The park is good for activities, such as swimming, fishing, snorkeling, diving, and hiking.

Gongliao Terraced Paddy

The mountain areas at Gongliao in New Taipei City preserves a large scale of terraced paddies that are rarely seen in the northern Taiwan, which is due to its remote location with population outflow and rare large-scale development and construction companies influx. Recently, in addition to promoting the continual cultivation and re-cultivation in environmentally friendly ways, New Taipei City strives to conserve the ecological value of terraced paddies and water ecological corridors. By doing so, New Taipei City hopes to bring a better cycle of quality and energy, nurture the pollution-free land and soil, take good care of micro-habitats, and mutualize with the great nature.