7/27 World Stage for the International

NumberCompetitorPerformance time
1.Thailand-Flammable goods/易燃物樂團1500-1550
2.Hong Kong-神奇膠 / Wondergarl1600-1650
3.神棍樂團 / Zenkwun1700-1750
4.Malaysia-mutesite / 靜域1800-1850
5.TaiKo Electro Company1900-1950
Flammable goods/易燃物樂團Thailand

Flammable Goods, formed in 2016, is a trio alternative rock band from Thailand. Each of their performance is driven by 1 million times of energy and passion. Their songs are inspired by their friendship and love stories. What they want the most to hear from the audience’ comment is that, “Hey, friend! You cannot die if you have never watched Flmmable Goods’ performance!”

神奇膠 / WondergarlHong Kong

Wondergarl is a Hong Kong band that performs music in Cantonese language. Wondergarl is an entertaining music band that integrates diverse cultures into its funny and anti-intellectual music style. Wondergarl’s music includes components, such as dance music, punk, classic rock, and rap. The audience enjoys their music and performance so much that they lose track of time.

神棍樂團 / ZenkwunTaiwan

The Zenkwun was formed in 2006 and won the Judging Panel Award of Ho-Hi-Yan Rock Festival in the same year. Later in 2009, Zenkwun won the champion of YAMAHA Asian Beat and released their first album,”Ten Thousand Buddhas Follow the One,” which was critically acclaimed and nominated as “Best Band” and “Best New Artist/Band” for the 1st Golden Indie Music Award.

mutesite / 靜域Malaysia

Mutesite, formed in 2014, is good at composing complex-structured math rock in the form of pure music. In addition to having the typical three music instruments, Mutesite also includes percussion instrument to add a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere to its live performance.

TaiKo Electro CompanyTaiwan

TaiKo Electro Company, the most popular electronic music star in Taiwan in 2016, has been heatedly discussed on the street and online! Formed with the guitarist, KoDaBow, and DJ David, the electronic duo breaks all the rules of songs in Taiwanese language and opens up another innovative and creative music style in the popular music industry

7/28 World Stage for the International

NumberCompetitorPerformance time
1.Thailand-The Octopuss / 章魚樂團1500-1550
2.Japan-春ねむり / HARU NEMURI1600-1650
3.U.S.A. ATL Jay Izaak x YZ 于耀智 x BG8LOCC 蛋頭1700-1750
4.South Korea-정흠밴드 / JungHeum Band1800-1850
5.八十八顆芭樂籽 / 88balaz1900-1950
The Octopuss / 章魚樂團Thailand

After releasing its first song, Tum Mai Rao Young Mai Warp, in 2016, Octopuss has become the most interesting, the most energetic, and craziest funk rock band with 4 artists in the independent music industry. Thai music critics even created a new genre, Movie Funk Rock, for Octopuss because all of its songs werr inspired by movies and adapted into funk rock.

春ねむり / HARU NEMURIJapan

Born in Yokohama in 1995, Haru Nemuri is a creative singer Poetry Rap/melody songwriter. At the age of 17, she joined a band and was playing synthesizer. At 21, Haru Nemuri started to sing, becoming the most powerful singer, “haru nemuri,” being active, writing lyrics and compositions of all her songs. Ever since she has been an active singer, she serves as O.A. in BAYCAMP 2016 before releasing any official songs. She also writes the lyric and sings “Goodbye, My Cinderella” while collaborating with producer, Koichi Tsutaya, for the composition.

U.S.A. ATL Jay Izaak x YZ 于耀智 x BG8LOCC 蛋頭U.S.A.

DJ-Jay Izaak IntroductionDJ-Jay Izaak is one of the most important collaborators of TGMF. From Atlanta, U.S.A., Jay Izaak has worked with Brandon Thomas, EGO, T-Pablow, TGMF, Dorrough, CKENT, and Lara (Liang Veronin).
Jay Izaak’s Philosophy: “The most important thing in life for me is a legacy.”
Jay Izaak is working hard to produce YZ’s new album, YZ-Asia Reform.

YZ, Yaozhi Yu, participated in the first season of The Rap of China and entered the top 23 with rap music and his unique personal style. Because of this, YZ’s every movement, be it music or MV, is under the spotlight in Asia hip-pop rap field. YZ’s overall creation presents his own characteristic. Along with his keen insight into fashion, YZ incorporates his daily life into his creation. With over 10 years in the field of hip-pop rap, YZ is irreplaceable in Asian rap culture.

정흠밴드 / JungHeum BandSouth Korea

The original duo, Jungheum Band, is made up of a lead singer, Jung Min-Kyung and a guitarist, Hwang Min-Chin. In order to express their understanding of music and make their personalities stand out, the duo decided to use one character of each of their names to form the current band name. Jung Min-Kyung’s warm voice and fantastic stage performance plus Hwang Min-Chin’s emotional guitar performance make the duo’s jazz music and other music genres quite popular and positively acclaimed. Their music is the best medicine to heal the audience.

八十八顆芭樂籽 / 88balazTaiwan

We are 88balaz x The Best Live Performing Band!
x Formed for 20 years with thousands of live performance around the world!
x Abundant punk energy and noise guitar make you feel like you just ate a sweet Pepino!

88balaz’s music is based on blues rock and incorporates a lot of punk energy and noise guitar.
88balaz’s music is like a violent but thoughtful poet who describes everyone’s ridiculous but frequent struggles during the growth period.

7/29 World Stage for the International

NumberCompetitorPerformance time
1.Singapore-Quis樂團 / 陰樂團1500-1550
2.England-Goober Gun / 古伯格槍1600-1650
4.Japan-空きっ腹に酒 /空腹灌酒 / sukipparanisake1800-1850
5.Mr. Loud Who Chance1900-1950
Quis樂團 / 陰樂團Singapore

Quis is a new generation of a rock band from Singapore and composed of a group of friends sharing the passion for music.

Formed in 2008, the members of Quis came from different backgrounds with different music preferences. In the beginning, they got together and formed the band just to participate in a music competition. However, their differences also shaped their unique music style. Their first album, “Transition,” reflected the insistence of the 1980s-born generation’s attitude toward life and music. Their music has always realistically reflected their life experiences, such as regret, disappointment, and struggles and reminded each other of their friendship, love, and hope.

Goober Gun / 古伯格槍England

Goober Gun is a rock band from England and has toured in Asia, Europe, and South America.
Goober Gun just finished its 8-month Asian tour to host 122 performances in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong.


SMZB is the most historical and legendary punk band of China.

Since 2007 when they used the name, Wuhan Punk, to perform in many places until releasing albums that are can be found in rock record stores in Europe, SMZB has influenced an entire generation’s rock youth and bands in China through their action and creative music! It is never too over-exaggerated to call them the Punk Father of China.

空きっ腹に酒 /空腹灌酒 / sukipparanisakeJapan

In Osaka in 2007, the unlucky vocal, Tanaka Yukiteu, accidentally met his high school senior, Nishita Ryuuta. With love and despair, they completed their great music presentation by combining music and dance. Their music styles include popular music and underground, punk infused in Funk, and hip-hop. For the past 10 years, Sukipparanisake (Drinking with an Empty Stomach) never produces music to please anyone. With the spirit of independence, Sukipparanisake has its music brand “Drunk Dog Label” since 2018.

Mr. Loud Who ChanceTaiwan

To the youths who accidentally get on Aerosmith and steal Guns and Roses, we give you Mr. Loud Who Chance. The five members, who have known each other for 10 years, was playing music in the Music Club at Soochow University. Now they finally released their first album, I Am Not A Superman, and was nominated for the Year of the Band for 29th Golden Melody Awards. The album includes a collection of songs they wrote after puberty and recorded their experiences of love relationships, understanding of human nature, and the important attachment to their partners. Just like the lyrics in the song, Desert, states, “Even though I carry more and more on my back, I feel satisfied as long as you are by my side.”