“2018 New Taipei City Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival Innovatively Combines Installation Art Art in Ho-Hai-Yan Domestic and International Graffiti Artists Gather Together to Enjoy 18 Kinds of Happiness to Bring Visual and Audio Shock for Music Fans

【New Taipei City News】The most popular music festival of this summer, “New Taipei City Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival,” will start from Friday, July 27 to Sunday, July 29  at Gongliao Beach! This year’s Festival invites Mingdao Lee (also referred to as Akibo), a great artist, to bring his band, “SIAM SIAM ROBOT” to the event and call on Taiwanese and international artists to create unique installation art works for the Festival based on the themes of ocean, music, and dream with the infusion of the spirit of Music X Art. Music fans will have a whole new experience of “the Festival’s 18 Kinds of Happiness”!

Akibo, the Godfather Leavel Art Master, Leads One-and-Half-Ton Robot Family to Celebrate the Festival with Music Fans

This year, the Festival invites a well-known artist, Akibo, to present a brand new look for the event. Akibo has created many classic designs for popular music albums in Taiwan, including albums of Da-Yu Lo, Bobby Chen, Bai Wu, A-Mei, and Mayday. In recent years, he also started the creation of digital arts, and his works of art have been exhibited in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York. Particularly, he has created a series of robots that are internationally renowned masterpieces! This year, especially, the Festival invites the “SIAM SIAM ROBOT” designed by Akibo to show up at Fulong Beach. By overcoming the obstacles such as the burning sun and sandy wind on the beach, Akibo found solutions to deliver nine robots, weighing one and a half tons in total, to the scene of the Festival!

“SIAM SIAM ROBOT” is a nine-robot band, which fits well with the image of a performing band at the Festival’s stage. They had performed at the closing ceremony of the Universiade and have been performing internationally. During the Festival, music fans can enjoy the sound and light performance by combining technology and music as well as getting close to the robot band to experience the charm of SIAM SIAM ROBOT.

Domestic and International Graffiti Artists Gather Together to Enjoy 18 Kinds of Happiness and Art in Ho-Hai-Yan

For all the internationally famous music festivals, in addition to having great performers and diverse music styles, they also include a wealth of installation art that complements the music. Some examples are England’s Glastonbury Festival and its giant spider stage and Ribbon Tower, United States’ Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and its sculptures, Japan’s Summer Sonic and its artistic graffiti area, and Hong Kong’s Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival including large installation art made of waste with local features. All of these international festivals infuse arts into music to express the spirit of creation. In order to internationalize Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival, the organizer recruits Akibo who invites notionally and internationally well-known artists, such as Wok22 (Japan), Graphic Airlines (Hong Kong), Mr. OGAY a.k.a, CYH Jayson, ATI, and Modetage to present their works at the Festival to create “18 Kinds of Happiness Through Installation Art” based on diverse creativity. In addition, the Festival also invites artists to create beautiful fluorescent paintings with the themes of “Ocean, Music, and Dreams” to decorate the night on the beach. The Festival aims to bring visual and audio enjoyment to music fans through 18 kinds of happiness, letting music fans to have a whole new experience and get excited!

Don’t Miss the Scenery Spots around Gongliao  The Must-Go Places with the Bright Sun and Music

Gongliao is surrounded by the ocean and mountains and has many beautiful and unique scenic spots. When participating in the Festival, music fans cannot miss the following popular attractions, including “Taoyuan Valley” which overlooks Lanyang Plain and Guishan Island; “Long Dong Ocean Park” where you can enjoy the fun of swimming and diving with fish; “Aoti Fishing Harbor” where the famous seafood street is nearby for you to taste local fresh seafood; “Old Caoling Tunnel” that cools you off and connects to the “Old Caoling Loop Bike Trail” which you can appreciate beautiful view of mountains and ocean; “Mao’ao Fishery Village” where you can see a village with houses built by stones a hundred years ago; “Sandiaojiao Cape Lighthous” where is located the easternmost part of Taiwan, allows you to see the dawn, and has many romantic works of installation art; “Caoling Historic Trail” which is an educational and recreational classic trail that cannot be missed by hikers; and “Gongliao Book Store” which just opened at the end of June and provided book exchange only services without selling books this year to let everyone experience the friendliness of the local residents. When traveling to Gongliao, you will have an impressive experience of Taiwan’s humane and cultural atmosphere, ocean’s charm, and unique scenery!

The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government has also planned the “ GONG LIAO BEACH PARTY’’ itinerary, taking you to secrets fishing village, canoe adventure and snorkeling fun three sea line tours, experience price from TWD 650  to TWD 1,480 , let you enjoy the good times in this summer, if you’re interested , please enroll at the New Taipei City Tourism Network.

In addition, July is one of the hottest months in the summer. The organizer reminds everyone to bring sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, hats, and other sun sunscreen items when participating in the Festival. For those who love to share wonderful pictures, do not forget to send the pictures of shocking moments at the Festival scene with your family and friend. When enjoying music, art, bright sun, and sea the breeze, do not forget to protect yourself from the heated sun and stay hydrated to avoid heat stroke!

Vote for “Popular Band Award Presented by CTBC Bank” at the Festival’s 18 Kinds of Happiness to Earn a Chance to Win Cruise Tour for Two

To continuously encourage Taiwan’s excellent independent music bands, this year New Taipei City Government cooperates with CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture to host “Popular Band Award Presented by CTBC Bank” ballot. CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture has been supporting original music, promoting cross-industrial collaboration, and inviting independent music bands to perform at flagship music competitions, professional baseball fields, school campuses, or companies to make original music heard by more people! From now to July 28 (Saturday), 9:20 p.m., as long as you visit the Festival’s official website and vote on your favorite music band for “Popular Band Award Presented by CTBC Bank.” Everyone can vote once every day! Those who participate in voting will also have a chance to win Star Cruise tickets for two, sweeping robots, and Nintendo Switch game set! Supporting original music to discover the next superband or star singer starts from you!